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Reg AB II Movement

The SEC recently “re-proposed” for public comment proposed new rules for asset backed securitization eligibility that has come to be known as Reg AB II. These proposed rules suggest changes to the current securitization regulations and cover multiple reforms on everything from asset-level disclosures on both public and private deals, to the role of the rating agencies, to adding a risk retention requirement, and several other steps that would be required for issuers to sell asset backed securities (including CMBS).

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MISMO, Risk Retention and OBL

Lots going on this week, including a MISMO Data Summit, federal risk retention proposals and the end of Osama Bin Laden.

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Upbeat mood at CREFC conference

I attended the annual CREFC CMBS Investor conference in Washington DC last week, where the mood was definitely upbeat. So positive, in fact, that some people were already warning about slipping underwriting standards!

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CMBS Leads update

We are doing a software release on Monday to update the CMBS Leads product. We added prepayment information and some original note terms to the display and improved the search function by adding specific address and zip code searches.
If you are a customer or have a demo account, you will see the changes by Tuesday morning.

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Jim Flaherty named to MISMO Commercial Governance Committee

Great news: I’ve been voted to serve on the MISMO Commercial Governance Committee for 2009 and 2010. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I look forward to serving the industry.

More great news: This weekend we will roll out a new site and a new set of research and analytical tools for CMBS Investors. This is part of our mission to provide open and standardized data and underwriting tools for all participants in the commercial mortgage backed securities market.

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