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I never realized winning a World Series was so exciting and exhausting. I came close to living in cities where the home team won the Fall Classic (San Francisco 2002, Boston 1986) but this was the first time my home team actually got it done.

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Burning fuel

Fighter jets and race cars — what could be better?

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New Backshop release and other fun stuff

I’m talking about the Backshop .NET 3.5 release, Regulation AB, two years of blogging, The A Yacht and summer family trips.

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New clients, expanded features and other fun

We have been jammed getting two new clients live (one Backshop license and one CMBS data user) and delivering major loan servicing features for an existing client. As we finish up, we are turning our attention to doing a Backshop enterprise software delivery, launching our document service and closing more business.

I will be in New York next week attending an industry event — After-Work Seminar – SEC Disclosure Requirements — hosted by the CREFC (formerly know as CMSA). I will report next week on the latest developments.

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I spent the weekend skiing with a group of industry guys. Our annual trip is usually in Aspen, but this year we ventured to Whistler. It’s a boys trip with a rocking crew that works in lending, advisory, servicing and legal. Not much discussion about standards, rent rolls and MISMO, but I got a few props in.

Anyway, the town was still all decked out from the Olympics, and the bars were jammed. Here are a few pics and a video from the top of the mountain after eight inches of fresh snow. Enjoy.

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